Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Plan

Okay so i guess i better get started. Before i do though, can i just say that i love how i can see how many page views i have? It really encourages me to write. I feel like i owe the 19 people who have viewed my page something worth reading.

Thanks again Google.

So here's what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna start writing stories. Short ones, but i'm gonna shoot for one every day. See my next post for the first (hopefully of many) story.


Well hello,

My name's James. Not sure who will be seeing this but i guess that's true of Facebook too these days. I've been talking about getting away from Facebook for a while now and i figured, who needs a website dedicated to social networking to share their thoughts? I can share them with the whole internet. So here i am. Thanks Google.

I feel like some sort of "mission statement" is in order. Here goes: Ahem. This web log will be dedicated to things worth sharing, and some of my stories.

Never had a blog before. Don't judge me, or do, w/e fuck you.

tl;dr: Facebook sucks. Interesting things here. Keep being great Google.